Breakfast for long term residents

Breakfast in bed is such a lovely thing, isn't it? As our long-term guest are you fonder of enjoying the daily advantages of having your own kitchen in the apartment and you haven't booked any breakfast yet?


Suppose your family or your friends come visit and the immense void in your fridge leaves you helpless while you forgot to do the grocery shopping... what then??


Nothing easier than this: just come down to us, express your breakfast wishes to our front desk team and then help yourself from our Mrs Hudson's organic breakfast buffet.

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Füße und Beine von einer weiblichen Person im Bett  

You decide how and where you're enjoying breakfast

The silence around breakfast in your own apartment before your first cup of coffee is certainly something your cherish as our guest on a long-term lease.


To this purpose we have set up a few facilities to help you enjoy the kitchenette to the fullest: wether you bring your own kitchen utensils or you have your kitchen equipped (from cereal bowls to microwave) by our team for 100.00 € deposit fee; wether you do the grocery shopping by yourself or you make use of the various delivery services you will find on the pin board in your apartment or you smile at the smell of the fresh rolls delivered to your door by our staff in the morning... all that we created for your comfort.


Kitchen inclusive


Furthermore we would like to introduce yet another option: Mrs Hudson's organic breakfast buffet


Blick auf das neue Frühstücksbuffet unserer Mrs Hudson, das in leicht britisch und old scool daher kommt. Vor dem Buffet steht eine alte Küchenmaschine auf der man sich Bio-Pfannkuchen zubereiten kann.

Here are a few photos of our breakfast delicacies which are either organic, Fair Trade or local products...

A board with a selection of cheese on it, some vegetables in the background
A selection of cold cuts
A basket filled with organic vegetables, a plate with two halfs of a yellow peppers on it and a salad and radishes in the background
A bottle of organic milk on the left side, two spoons with cereals in it on the right side, a bag with cornflakes in the background
A waffle iron in which is a waffle.. and a hand with a fork picking this waffle out of the waffle iron
A man showing two cups, a small one and a big one
A plate with some loose tea and rock candy and a glas of tea in the background

Opening hours at Mrs Hudson's

  • Monday - Saturday 06.30 - 10.00 AM
  • Sunday and bank holidays 06.30 - 11.00 AM

Breakfast prices for long term residents

  • Breakfast at Mrs Hudson's on the spot - 12.00 € per person (inhouse guest)
  • Breakfast at Mrs Hudson's on the spot - 15.00 € per person (guests outside the boardinghouse) - for groups prior reservations is necessary
  • Breakfast at Mrs Hudson's booked through the entire stay - 9.50 € (only for long-term guests)
  • Organic quick breakfast - 1 roll or 1 sandwich with a filling at your choice, an apple and 1 cup of coffee or tea to take away - 4.80 € per person - ready in 90 seconds (please place your order the night before by filling out the existing order sheet in your room)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Whether in your apartment, at the buffet restaurant or to go - breakfast is the most important meal of the day as Mrs Hudson herself would make sure both Sherlock and Watson take notice of her advice "Do not leave the house on an empty stomach".

Are you on the track of the best price?

Just book here and you've cracked the case! You will always find the lowest room rates here, as true as my name's Sherlock!

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