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Gästeresidenz PelikanViertel
Pelikanstraße 11
30177 Hanover

Fon: 0049/ 511/ 3999-0
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Pictures of our city Hanover

Within the area of this old factory where they used to produce down feathers is a lovely beergarden nowerdays
Finding a place for a chat at the old town hall
Locations within the location of the Kulturzentrum Faust are Mephisto, Warenannahme and the 60er Jahre Halle.
Looking for a little maritime flair in this City? This is THE place to be in Hannover.
This pond is called Maschteich and is situated right in front of the New Town Hall in Hannover
Inside the Herrenhausen Gardens - a connection between the galery and the museum
he Red Thread is painted on the pavement, is 4200 metres long, and weaves its way through the inner city joining up 36 prime attractions.
If you are looking for hot spices - Pfefferhaus is a hot location for pepper and more.
This monument honours seven professors from lower saxony who protested against a repeal of a liberal constitution
Well, you may take off your shoes or just enjoy a view of the cascades.
Charming little Castle view within the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen
Just enjoy a little royal feeling in taking a view from the castle onto the gardens of Hanover.
After a ride in the lift of the new town hall in Hanover you will be spoiled with fantastic views
A lot of different sport acitivities are possible at and on the Maschsee city lake in summer time.
Love at the city lake Maschsee in Hanover is visually secured with colourful padlocks.
The lovely Maschpark with its Maschteich invites visitors and locals for a stroll.
This well is called Holzmarktbrunnen and is situated directly in front of the Leibniz house in Hanover.
Those paintings are made by street artist Olf Lupin who is wellknown in Hanover.
Hipster bars and coffee shops, restaurants and more you will find at the Limmerstraße in Linden
An arthouse cinema in Hanover
The new town hall is famous and one of Hanovers best known landmarks.
Do not miss out to take a look at the ceiling when you're in the new town hall of Hannover
The chime of the Aegidentor church reminds at the second world war four times a day
The new Hohes Ufer provides more than restaurants and a flee market every saturday.
This museum provides the worldwide major collection of German impressionists
This is one of Hanovers latest refreshments. Along the river leine the new Hohe Ufer invits for a visit.
Have a drink or two and enjoy the summer time close to the river Ihme.
This event is very traditional. It exists since the 15th century.
The Kuppelsaal is a very special and stylish place for events
Hanovers City lake Maschsee and his little brother Maschteich
This church is a monument and a reminder of the terror of wars
This power station with its three towers is a sign that you are in the district of Linden
This street is called Kramerstraße and its located in the heart of Hanovers old town part.
Fountains and water features are to be seen in summer time.
There are beautiful motives in the gardens at every corner. Especially the Bell Fountain needs a shot.
This is the place where football is home in Hannover or where some of the great music events take place
The Royal Gardens of Hanover are well known all over the world.
Have a walk through Hanovers Maschpark and enjoy natures beauty
The Marktkirche is a very well known church in Hanover City
View over Hanover City with a modern bank building
From here you'll see the whole city of Hannover... if the weather is nice.
Limmerstraße in Hannover, a little The Notting Hill and Camden Market Feeling in Hannover,
A walk through the gardens with friends is nice during summer time.
Discover the old part of Hanover city with friends. Try the Marktkirche as a meeting place
In this old factory they used to produce downs and feathers. Nowadays it is a party location.
Fotographers welcome on top of the City of Hanover
This is one of the places to be in Hanover during summer time. Relaxing and enjoying a cocktail or two.
Limmern is a discription for having a great time with friends and beer at the Limmerstrasse
Just enjoy a walk through the streets of Hanover on a sunny day.
A royal place for a good talk within the beauty of hannoveranian gardens.
Besides sailing or paddling even taking a boat trip is possible on Hanovers city lake.
Hanover stays colourful. Cultural diversity is welcome.
The Parterre of the Baroque Garden in Hannover is surrounded by 32 sculptures
Have a look a these lovely boys
The Royal Gardens of Hanover are one of the great touristic highlights of this city.
This galery has a very beauiful ballroom with venice frecoes from Tommaso Giusti.
Walking through a golden gate to enter the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen
There are plenty of graffitis and artwork of all decades to be seen at the Faust Kulturzentrum.
If you meet 'Hopeless, the weathergirl' in Hanover, just smile ;)
Linden is a vibrant district and a wellknown sign for this city area is a power station
Arthouse cinema at its very best in Hanovers district Linden
The Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen with its rebuild castle are beautiful from every perspective.
Sherlocked in Hannover, Bars and Lounges in Hannover Linden,
Souvenirs of Hanover
This courtyard hides the old cinema Apollo which is a fantastic base for a start into nightlife.
Go and have a look inside the new town hall, too. It's fantastic.
Idyllic place for sports or just to relax within the beauty.
If you are a fan of artist Niki de Saint Phalle do not omit to visit the grotto at Herrenhausen.
On tour through the Kulturzentrum Faust and passing the Initiative for international culture exchange
Quiet a hidden place but very beautiful - the old Stadtpark of Hanover
Canoeing on the Mittellandkanal in Hannover List is great fun, but needs practise
If you're on the way to the Congress center in Summer. Don't miss out to have a look at the city park behind the center. It's a good meeting point.
Lively and vibrant. Colourful. The Limmerstraße in Hannover.
There a two signs of
Even if there's no real beach in Hanover, there is a holiday feeling in summer in the Royal Gardens.
Rowing, swimming, paddleboats, shipping or even fishing is possible on our maschsee in summertime.
One of the hidden places in Hannover is the Stadtpark, a beautiful city park and a place to relax
Hanover as a miniature version inside the new town hall
There are many different gardens within the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. Get a map for a better orientation.
With this cool bags it's always a little bit as if you're taking Sherlock with you through the streets of Hannover
Not just the fruit and vegetable stands invite for a little shopping tour through Hannovers district Linden.
Once you've seen one human being painted by Olf Lupin - you will recognise his style immedeatly.
There are quiet a few things to combine at the royal gardens of Hanover. Enjoy a walk in the beauty.
Hanover is a very green city and there are plenty of great and silent areas to enjoy a picnic
Taking a ride on a cool wooden bike to discover the areas beside the Mittellandkanal in Hanover
In summer time the gardens of Hanover come along with a little Côte d'Azur Feeling.
Very classical and very beautiful. A city hideaway and romantic location.
There are 32 white figures within the Baroque Garden which was created by Electress Sophie
Looking for an adventure? Just rent one of this wooden bikes at the Gästeresidenz. It's fun.
A very classic horticulture at the stadtpark of Hanover
This is a view from inside the gardens onto the Gallery Herrenhausen.
With the rebuilded castle, Hanover has now a nice shooting location more to offer.
A place worth a view.
A team visit and tour through the gardens of herrenhausen in Hanover
Have a coffee and just enjoy summertime in Hannover at the river Ihme.
One of the best museums in Germany
The tubes or trams in Hanover are called Stadtbahnen. This is the stop Markthalle in the city center.
The Stadtpark in Hanover is a perfect location for a fotoshooting with and for your friends.
If you are looking for a little beach feeling in the city - the Strandleben is an ideal location.
Summertime, and the living is easy at Limmerstraße in the district Linden.
Graffiti, Murals, Paste-ups and many more to see in Hannover Linden.
One of the rivers passing Hanover is the river Leine
Some of the team members of Gästeresidenz PelikanViertel on a summer tour through Hanover. More pictures on www.happy-hannover.de
A stunning view over the city of Hannover
Hanover has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping.
Have a look inside - it's worth it.
Hanover is great for shopping and offers a lot. This church is called Marktkirche and is situated in the old part of the city.
Garden Grand in Hannovers well known gardens.
Olf Lupin is a wellknown streetartist in Hannover. Some of the houses within the Faust Kulturzentrum show his latest versions.
Since the Castle of Herrenhausen was rebuilt in the gardens of Hanover a walk through the gardens feels more royal then ever.

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