Supplementary Agreement to the Accommodation Provider Confirmation

Dear guest,

Thank you for your interest in staying in our house. If you require a confirmation of accommodation (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) from us for submission to the relevant residents' registration office, we will agree the following with you:

  • Your maximum period of stay at the Gästeresidenz PelikanViertel is 5.9 months (179 days). An extension of the accommodation contract after the end of the maximum period of 179 nights is not possible for fiscal reasons.
  • If your accommodation contract ends, you must deregister or transfer to a new residence at the relevant residents' registration office before moving out. The Realotel Management GmbH, as the operator of the Gästeresidenz PelikanViertel, accepts no liability whatsoever for any costs and consequences arising from your failure to re-register or deregister in good time. Should the accommodating company incur damages and/or additional financial expenses due to the non-deregistration, we reserve the right to claim this from you or to charge it to you accordingly.
  • In order to ensure a smooth forwarding of your mail after you have moved out, please submit a forwarding request to Deutsche Post at at least one week prior to your planned check-out date. If for any reason you do not submit a forwarding request, we are entitled to return your incoming mail (including small packages and parcels) with the note "unknown, moved".
  • You are not permitted to make any changes of any kind to or in the premises of the apartment or room given to you. You are also not permitted to set up or attach decorative material or other objects.
  • Please note that by registering with the Residents' Registration Office, you are automatically registered with the GEZ (Gebühreneinzugszentrale) and are therefore liable to pay the broadcasting fee. 

With kind regards

Gästeresidenz PelikanViertel

Gästeresidenz PelikanViertel

Pelikanstraße 11, 30177 Hannover
Tel.:+49 511 3999-0

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