SHERLOCK'S BARITSU DEN, das Fitnessstudio mit zahlreichen Sportgeräten.


"Watson, the gloves, please." When Sherlock Holmes had to think hardly or had to put his thoughts into an order, he enjoyed working out at a boxing club.

At "Sherlock's Baritsu Den" in our Gästeresidenz, we hope you are able to do likewise - get rid of your extra energy and come down after a long day of work or sightseeing trip. Therefore, you have access to a treadmill, cross trainer, rowing machine, bicycle and a multifunctional gym system.

In order to offer you the best variety possible, you can choose between daily-, weekly- and monthly tickets. Our "Sherlock's Baritsu Den" is also open to guests not staying with us.


  5,00 €
20,00 €
          MONTHLY PASS   
35,00 €

* As a little extra, we offer use free of charge to all guests staying longer than 3 months.

You gAIN access with an electronic code system. YOUR code IS PROVIDED at the reception DESK. There are NO LIMITED OPENING HOURS. All prices include unrestricted use within the booked PERIOD.

There is modern work out equipment waiting for you - convince yourself!

Gästeresidenz PelikanViertel

Pelikanstraße 11, 30177 Hannover
Tel.:+49 511 3999-0

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